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How to install a Tesla charger at home

Your charger installation needs depend on the level of charger you are installing. Most American homes run on 110v systems, which are poorly optimized for charging your Tesla.

Tesla owners choose to install a Level 2 charger running on 220v, which requires an upgrade to your home’s electrical system. Do you need an electrician to install a level 2 charger? If you don’t already have a 220v system in your home, a licensed electrician should make the installation for safety reasons.

Our team are certified to work on both residential and commercial properties, installing 220v Tesla chargers, upgrading electrical panels and installing solar energy systems.

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We take care of the installation while you relax. Our electricians are certified Tesla experts, and seasoned general electricians, ensuring your home is in good hands.

What’s the average Tesla charger installation cost?

The cost of installing a Tesla wall charger in your home varies depending on the size of your home and existing electrical installation. However, the average cost for most home installations ranges from $700 to $1500.

For commercial installations, there are more Tesla charging options available, with more complex requirements. Quotes for B2B clients are made on an bespoke basis.

Full service Tesla wall charger installations & consultation

We are a local business operating in Arizona and California, established in 1969 and proud early adopters of renewable energy. From Tesla charger installations to electrical panel upgrades, and other general electrical services we cover your electrical needs.

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Home EV Charger Solutions:

With standardized pricing and a custom design-oriented approach, we make the transition to charging your car at home easy.

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Panel Upgrades:

We specialize in electrical panel upgrades, maximizing capability and safety.

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General Electrical Services:

Residential, commercial, or industrial – we cover all your electrical needs.

Are you eligible for a rebate for your Tesla wall connector?

We service Tesla drivers in the states of California and Arizona, with operations focused around Southern California, Los Angeles & San Diego. Depending on your state, different rebates and tax benefits are available depending on your region.

Not sure about your rights to rebate? Speak to our team and we can discuss your options and even help you fill out the paperwork.

California Residents

In the state of California there are many rebate programs offered to offer reimbursement or tax rebates for the installing a Tesla charger in your home.

The Tesla website lists some of the most popular schemes in detail, but in general if you reside in California you will be eligible to claim a federal tax credit of up to 30% of the cost of your installation.

Arizona Residents

In Arizona, rebates for EV drivers are more limited, with some vehicle tax breaks for those switching from fossil fuels, car pool lane access, and in some cases savings on your level 2 Tesla charger installation hardware.

For more information about the schemes, visit the Tesla website.

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Your Questions, Answered

Got questions about a Tesla installation for your home or business? We’re here to help.

We’ve compiled some FAQs here but if you have specific questions about your installation, book a consultation and speak to us today.

What is a Tesla level 2 charger?

A level 2 charger is an overnight charging for at home, or commerical space. It's the most convenient and cost effective EV charging solution for most EV drivers.

Can I install a level 2 charger by myself?

While anything is possible with correct tools, experience, and guidelines. EV Charging is very important to have installed correctly and to manufacturer's specification as it will draw the most power of any appliance in your home and could easily be dangerous if installed incorrectly.

What's the difference between level 2 and level 3 chargers?

Level 3 is DC power related, and not available at residential properties. Your home is equipped with AC power. Level 3 charging is meant for road trips, and not for regular use as it increases battery degradation.  While Level 2 is most convenient and cost effective, allows you to charge at home and wake up to a “full tank” every morning, while prolonging the life of your battery.

How fast does a level 2 charger charge a Tesla?

Both the Mobile Connector and Wall Connector offer overnight charge speeds for your Tesla, the Wall connector charging 50% quicker with speeds up to 44mph.

Which Tesla charger should I buy?

We recommend the Wall Connector, We find it to be the best Level 2 charger on the market. Note that the Universal Wall connector can be used for non-Tesla branded vehicles as well. ⁠  The mobile connector is a good back up however the installation cost is more for a 240v outlet to use the mobile connector. The mobile connector charges 50% slower than the wall connector. The Wall connector receives software updates to improve performance and is more reliable in regards to servicing needs over time.

Where should I install my Tesla charger?

The cord is 25’ long on wall connector or 20’ for mobile connector. It plugs into driver side rear taillight for your consideration.

Does my Tesla come with a charger?

Your Tesla does not come with any charging equipment as standard. We recommedn that you order your wall charger hardware from Tesla.com for warranty purposes.