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Find experienced & efficient residential electricians near you, operating in Southern California and Arizona offering home electrical services, upgrades, repairs & installations.

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Why choose Rizzo Electric as your residential electrician?

We are a family business and have been operating as residential electricians offering the full range of electrical services to homes in the regions of California and Arizona for two generations. As a trusted local electrician near you, we can help you with a range of installations, repairs, and of course upgrades to your home.

Whether you are interested in installing electrical devices, upgrading your electrical panel, installing a Tesla charger or Powerwall, wiring your home renovation, or even simply installing a new lighting system, we are here to help.

Our team of certified residential electricians deliver an exceptional standard of safety, and craftsmanship as well as offer tailored advice to optimize power consumption and distribution throughout your home.

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Use our online form to book an initial consultation with our team of residential electricians near your home. Tell us about your project and get a clear quote.

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At a convenient scheduled time, a home electrician will come by to your home to initiate the project. Whether it’s an electrical repair, installation, or upgrade we’ll complete the work quickly & efficiently.

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Enjoy Your Home Electrical System

Your satisfaction and safety is guranteed. Enjoy your new electrical repair, installation or upgrade and let the power flow effortlessly throughout your home.

Which residential electrical services are offered?

We are specialized local residential electricians, operating in your local area offering support with a range of home electrical projects, not limited to but including:

Fuses, breakers, panels
Electrical installations
Electrical panel upgrades
Electrical repairs
Electrician for small jobs
Home renovations
Lighting installation
EV charger installations
Tesla Powerwall installations

Beyond general residential electricians: Specialists in EV, panel upgrades, solar  & more.

In addition to general residential electrician services, we are specialized in the installation of electrical vehicle chargers, electrical panel upgrades, Tesla Powerwall installations and more. We are certified Tesla installers and also approved providers by Qmerit and Chargepoint.

EV charger on brick wall
Home EV Charger Solutions:

With standardized pricing and a custom design-oriented approach, we make the transition to charging your car at home easy.

EV meters with wires
Panel Upgrades:

We specialize in electrical panel upgrades, maximizing capability and safety.

EV wires on a wall
General Electrical Services:

Residential, commercial, or industrial – we cover all your electrical needs.

What makes our home electricians stand out?

We pride ourselves on years of experience as a provider of local electrician services. Our  business is a family business, built on a reputation trusted by the local community for two generations. We’ve evolved our technological capabilities with the time but have kept the traditional values of customer care and community spirit at the heart of what we do.

Helping you to build a more efficient, cost effective & environmentally friendly home.

We’re passionate about controlling energy consumption and our residential electricians are ready to share with you their tips and hacks for a greener, more energy efficient home electrical installation.

Home renovations? We’re the perfect home electrician to get the power flowing.

Residential electrical installations are our bread and butter. Don’t let the wiring slow down your home renovation project, and book our team to assist with your installation. We make sure that you have a home electrical installation that stands the test of time, can be integrated with solar batteries, and is powerful enough to charge your electric vehicle.

Plus, we’re a quick, clean and friendly team, who arrive on time and leave your home free from mess and stress.

Ready to Power Up Your Space?

For all of your residential electrical needs, begin your journey to a more energy efficient home by requesting a free quote today.

No Hidden Fees: With transparent pricing and free estimates, you'll know exactly what you're paying for – no surprises.

Certified and Insured: Rest easy knowing you're working with licensed, bonded, and insured professionals committed to delivering safe and reliable services.

Experienced Professionals: Leverage over four decades of industry experience. Empower your home or business with Rizzo Electric. Book your installation today.

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Your Questions, Answered

We’ve compiled some FAQs here but if you have specific questions about your installation, book a consultation and speak to us today.

What is a residential electrician?

A residential electrician is a certified electrician focused on installations, repairs and upgrades to peoples homes.

What does a residential electrician do?

We can help with your residential projects. Often this is in the form of wiring for a home installation. It could also be for the installation of a new electrical device, or fitting lighting in your home. Increasingly we work on projects for solar installations.

What is the difference in the duties of a commercial electrician and a residential electrician?

Commercial electricians are focussed on business or industrial properties, which involve different electrical systems to those used as standard in residential homes. Residential electricians meet a different set of safety standards, and are more specialize in household electrical installations such as panel upgrades, EV charger installations and more.

How can I find a residential electrician near me?

If you are located in Southern California or Arizona we’re here to help! We’re certified and experienced residential electricians in your area so reach out with details of your project to find out more.